Expanding customer target group via
innovation applied in products, communication
Brand positioning and P.O.S.

Desktop research, benchmarking and empirical research including online surveys,

persona creation, interviews, and workshops provided a holistic approach toward the project's scope.

Print Facts vs. Myths
Research Business Canvas
Research Limbic Map
Research Survey
Research Survey
Research Generation
Research Millennials
Research Persona
Research Persona
Via clustering findings, a ranking scale was created to form the criteria evaluating the importance of jobs, the intensity of pains, and relevancy of gains. Besides, the customer journey map and customer profiles lightened up the priority of design in terms of brand identity, value proposition, and communication. These were set as short,-/ long-term goal for the client.
Customer Journey
Customer Journey
Global Concepts
Global concepts
Concept Evaluation
Concept Evaluation
Design Generation Cards
Design CI
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Concept Evaluation