Forecasting future is the substantial commercial business and often an integral part of any decision-making process.
Defining the project's scope begun with general questions as "What are future studies?, What is the nature of a trend? How do they impact? How can they be interpreted into strategies and actions? Are they naturally negative, positive, or neutral? Are they harmful in the process of Innovation making? Are they restricted just to fashion and lifestyle?...". A visual map formed a systematic approach to the topic. This exploration appertains to the first chapter of my Master thesis. The second part contains implementation work.
Long-Term observation and participation in multidisciplinary lectures took place about a year prior to my Thesis-Semester. Finding out about cross-disciplinary approaches to the topic, the necessity to dive-deep in fields as psychological dynamics, economic sociology, and fashion was inevitable. These domains embed the origins and routes of future studies, such as trends.
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A cooperation with a company (Printery) took place as the second

part of my master thesis in which the findings out of user-experience and trends research got integrated within a context related to the target group. 



The thesis book includes two major sections. The initial part is about research consisting of literature, interviews, discussions and channeling entire key-findings into personifications of the target group. The second part of the thesis is about developing strategies to support SME on their innovation development.
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