How to expand customer target group?


How to innovate in order to get the brand


appealing to generation Y?

How to expand customer
target group?
In order to explore more about the Irish dairy-industry and the culture, we traveled to Ireland and visited dairy farms next to Dublin. To apprehend the project’s scope, it was required to
get as close as possible to the product and its environment.
In addition to classic research, analyzing statistics, facts and data, a more in-depth sight into user-experience was inevitable. Therefore a focus group with about 40 people in 3 sessions was organized. The result provided a wide range of user insights, which delivered the base data to set the criteria for potential strategic suggestions.


The Butter as the product and the entire environment around it, including packaging, proportioning, design, marketing, distribution, and all around it formed the scope.

Over 90 concepts covered the criteria. Including new product ideas, communication strategies, and innovative marketing solutions, the global concepts got evaluated in the following steps to build a plan and an implementation frame.
Diverse implementary concepts related to categories as Transparency, Interaction, Communication, Design language guide, and CI was collected in a 1-vol. 340-page printed documentation.

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