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Enhancing hygiene through frequent hand-washing in public spaces.
Mobilizing hand-washing facility to increase accessibility and impact.

                               of all infectious diseases are transmitted by touch.

Hand-transmission is a critical factor in the spread of bacteria, pathogens, viruses causing disease, foodborne illness and nosocomial infections (infections acquired while in healthcare and unrelated to the original condition).   Over                 of the population

is at high risk, including the elderly, young children, pregnant women, and those with

compromised immune systems including those with the common cold ora seasonal flu. Washing hands with soap and water could reduce diarrheal disease-associated deaths by up to                                and a large percentage of foodborne disease.



Researchers estimate that if everyone routinely washed their hands,                                                          deaths a year could be prevented.

„Health and care“ and „Food industry“ are the two special sections in landscape of Hand Hygiene and the necessity to take care about it.


The research to find a holistic scope view included

Online surveys, interviews, observational work, In-use practices, etc.

Research Handwash Map
Research Hand wash
Research Hand wash
Research Hand wash
Research User Analysis
Research Interview
Research Survey
Research Survey
Design and development phases go hand in hand. Rather a circular process than a linear. Each new design concept needs to be built up to a certain level to get evaluated. In return, new findings lead to new features which have to get integrated back into global concepts.
The design phase consisted of 3 stages, on paper, pre-models, and CAD. Internal architecture and technical features got measured in real dimensions and integrated into CAD files. Sampling the material, texture, and color was also an on-going process. A second CAD model was built extra to provide Model parts. The 1:1 Model parts were carpentered, milled, and printed with CNC machine.
The new product design, process documentation

including research, conception and design, modelling and presentation.

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