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Design a new door handle / knob
incl. Functional-/ formal design conception,
positioning, design language and its iteration

Doors, spaces, and human are the elements of a story which repeats daily. It's about separation on the first hand and a moment which changes the whole set. A moment integrated within places and forms. A semi-subconscious experience.

The Interaction is short timed yet well aware visually and haptically. It's also a part of the anticipation what is to expect

on the other side in terms of quality and content. It's a glance how we leave a space to enter another one which inspires a re-think leading to a re-design.

Formal experimentation with diverse tools, materials, and platforms provided a range of possibilities to generate new forms and positions.

YUCCA is designed for architects and designers who prefer individual custom solutions over regular products.

It's geometric and dynamic lines are inspired by features in organic life such as plant palms as well as industrial and geometric surfaces such as transportation like cruising yachts.

The most significant feature is Yucca's ergonomics, which is formed through sharp and at the same time "curved" outlines.

Yucca's form triggers a play-full instinct and the reference to nature awakens the longing to interact.

o p e n  t h e  u n k n o w n
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